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Frequently asked questions

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How can I connect my Laptop or Personal Computer (PC) to the TV?
Why doesn’t the picture fill the full screen when I use Automatic or Normal picture format? How does the picture look on my TV when I select Automatic or Normal picture format?
Can I use a VGA-HDMI cable to connect my PC (VGA OUT) to my TV (HDMI IN)? How do I connect my PC to my TV?
How to connect antenna / cable TV signal?
How do I get picture and sound on the TV when I connect my Laptop or Notebook with a HDMI connection?
The picture is distorted (stretched out, short and fat, black bars on side or top, etc.). Is there something I can do to make it better?
Why does no picture appear on the screen when an accessory device is connected through the component video input cables?
How do I switch to the AV inputs on my television to watch an accessory device (DVD player, Game System, VCR...)?
Why does my TV not show a picture and displays "Format Not Supported" on the screen?
My picture format keeps changing with different channels. How can I set a specific format?
My computer stops working or reboots/restarts when I connect it to the TV with an HDMI to HDMI cable.
Why does my HDTV take time to turn on?
My TV does not store the picture and sound settings.
How do I connect my home theater system (HTS) or surround sound system (SSS) to the TV?
Why do I only see AV or HDMI inputs when I press the channel up/down button on my remote.
How do I add TV channels that were not picked up during auto-programming?
How do I clean my TV screen?
How can I program my Philips remote to work with my order devices?
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