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What issues are solved with a software upgrade?


How to check the current software version on my TV set?

1. Press the   button on the remote control to access the home menu.
2. Use the cursor button to select “Setup” and press the 'OK' button to confirm.
3. Press the cursor to the right to select “Software settings” and press the 'OK' button.
4. Select “Current software info” and press the 'OK' button to display the current software version on your TV set.
5. If the TV software version is lower than the version posted on the website means your TV set needs to be upgraded.
6. Follow the instruction in the user manual or readme file of the firmware upgrade on how to upgrade your software.

Where can I find the latest software for my TV set ?

• You can find the latest TV Firmware Upgrade Software and Readme File documents on the Philips support website.
Refer to the SOFTWARE & DRIVERS section.
7. The software update will not change the user settings.

The TV software upgrade will solve the following :

• 3D format option not enabled in TV3 HD during 3D broadcasting.(Spain)
• Strange signs in ‘Multi View’ visible.
• No support of certain HD and 3D channels via CI Card of DSMART.(Turkey)
• Automatic sorting of DVB-S channels not possible anymore.
• Intermittent scrambled program via Ziggo CI+.
• issues with German translation in the menu “sortieren”. 
• Added an option to disable the deletion of channels in background install. (Only applicable to K-models)
• Teletext is not working on ZIGGO channel. (Only applicable to country, Netherlands)
• Ambilight flashes intermittently.
• Movie stops by itself when you watch a rented movie from an online video store.
• Unable to activate MHEG (with the red button) on a MHEG channel. 
• Solution stuttering noise on HDMI.
• Solution Mettalic sound when switching between SD and HD sources.
• Solution about visible artefacts on the 46PFL9706.
• Solution for no sound from HTS when preset changed from DVB-C to analoge cable.
• Solution for set hangs in semi-standby after switch off,coming from standby.
• Solution for set goes to standby after exact 2 hours.
• Solution about startup of the set the splash screen comes up,a reboot happens and the splash screen comes up again.
• Solution for set startup with sound and ambilight but no picture.
• Solution for sound drop when connected via HDMI.
• Solution for video continuously stutters in H264 services DVB-T.
• Solution for No HD+services anymore possible when provider driven SW update is done.(Germany,Austria and Switserland)
• Solution about picture disappearing while watching via Ziggo DVB-C CI+.
• Solution about not starting RTL-XL programs in The Netherlands via NetTV.
• Improvement for PVR recording.
• Solution for intermittently hot rebooting.
• Solution for the 32PFL9606 to have audio/video at playback of recording.
• Solution for the 32PFL9606 that during fast forward the record jumps to the beginning.
• Improvement in programmed recordings.
• Improved starting up behavior.
• Improvement for the 32PFL9606 regarding 3D in content browser.
• Adding the new feature “You Tube Leanback”.
• Solution to have better performance during use of USB mouse and keyboard.
• Improvement on speed level during HDD testing.
• Solution when using low quality SD cards with Video store.
• Improvement by using PVR:Recording.
• Solution for scrambled recording in France.
• Solution for startup sequence HDD/TV.
• Solution for video freeze during Timeshift.
• Solution for picture disturbances on DVB-C channel “Phoenix”.
• Improvement in this version is for provider compliance.
• Solution for the Nandflash issue stopping at 80%. Overload at partition of the Nand flash.
• Solution so that the WISI STB is supported.
• Solution to avoid when Nettv and Sat are connected no menu navigation is possible the first 2 - 3 minutes.
• Solution to avoid that there is no TXT after open internet in NetTV.
• Solution so that teletext is displayed correctly in External 1 when switch from Digital RF.
• Solving the Russian translation errors in UI and Net TV.
• Solution not losing the presets anymore after toggling between ASTRA and HOT Bird (between 2LNBs).
• Solution so that with the ORF HD Cam no black pictures are seen anymore.
• Solution for picture disturbance on DVB-C channel 'Phoenix' - Germany region Zweibrucken.
• Solution about Lipsync on EXT, 'audio uitvoer delay' not working.
• Solution when starting up sometimes no picture.
• Solution for special characters in Portuguese multitab via RC.
• Solution for EPG starts always on channel 1.
• Solution for problems with technisat HD8+ HD stb.
• Solution for movie in videostore stops after 2h33.
• Small picture of TV channel in right upper corner after going to NetTV.
• Solution for the word "Select your language" in virgin installation page in Portuguese language.
• Solution for the word "Noise Reduction" in Portuguese for all the smart settings in watch demo.
• less intense OSD remains on screen (40/46PFL9715)
• Remove dependency on channellib (and other libs) from Software Upgrade.
• Solution for Channelmap incompatibility.

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