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How do I obtain an optimal cleaning result from the screen of the 46PFL9706 ?
Can I connect an external Hard Disc Drive (HDD) to my TV?
What kind of PC connection should I make on the TV ?
I set up an internet connection between my TV and my router, but it does not work. How do I fix this?
Why is the picture quality at home not as good as what I saw in the shop?
Is my TV suitable for watching 'DVB-Terrestrial' channels in my country?
Why can’t I project a DVD or Blu-ray disc that is playing on my PC?
How can I get the best performance from my Wi-Fi MediaConnect projections?
Can I connect my PC directly to my TV to use Wi-Fi MediaConnect?
Where do I find my wireless encryption key?
Does Net TV work when I have connected a Set-Top Box?
Can I view services from other countries?
Why does the picture judder from my Wi-Fi MediaConnect projections?
I cannot login on my YouTube account. I see two sign in possibilities: my own account and a second named ntMigrated. When I try to login on my own account the TV goes to ntMigrated en there is nothing to find.
Net TV sound volume too loud ?
Why isn’t video projection smooth on my Wi-Fi G network?
Does Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) work with a set-top box?
Why can’t Wi-Fi MediaConnect start projecting straight after my TV starts up from standby?
How do I rearrange my TV channels?
How to properly start Net TV, because when I turn ‘on’ my TV and immediately want to access Net TV, it sometimes goes wrong….
Where can I find the DVB-C numbers/values necessary to do a DVB-C channel installation ?
How to set EasyLink on the TV and on other devices ?
How can I syncronize the picture and sound when viewing a DVD from a connected Home Theatre System with built in DVD player ?
Do I need a virus scanner?
Why can't I see the same folder hierarchy on my TV as on my PC ?
Sometimes my TV mentions that my Club Philips registration is not complete. But I am sure I completed the Club Philips registration.
When trying to connect the TV to my wireless network, it doesn’t accept the password that I type in the field. How can I connect?
Do I have to connect the antenna to the set if I use HDMI connected accessory devices?
Can I add any Internet page to "my favorites"?
What kind of antenna should I use?
What does the message ‘Registering...’ that appears on starting up Net TV mean?
What do I need to look to multimediafiles on my TV via my home network ?
When I browse the open internet pages, a lot of the websites are not displayed correctly; websites with video content do not play the videos.
What speed is the Ethernet RJ-45 port?
How can I see if a service is safe?
If you have a large TV screen, how is quality of the image affected when using Wi-Fi MediaConnect?
My internet provider is not listed as a provider (e.g. and I want to read my E-mail with “E-Mail op TV” on the Dutch Net TV page. How can I use this service?
Where can I find additional information about my TV?
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