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Frequently asked questions

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Blue light on the front panel flashes for a long time after turning on the television. Is there something wrong with the TV?
My TV has no picture but audio is heard.
Picture goes blank but I still have sound.
The unit will not stay powered on and the LED light keeps on flashing.
The picture is displayed in red and green or the color red is missing when the TV is connected to an accessory device through component cables.
What do I do if my set does not turn on?
I have forgotten my PIN code. How can I reset it?
How do I connect the HDMI accessory device to the television.
Can I program the TV remote control to control other accessory devices?
The picture is shifted to the side. How can I re-center it?
The picture quality is good but the TV does not produce any sound when connected to an accessory device with an HDMI to HDMI cable.
How can I remove the letter F in the upper right hand corner of the screen?
How can I connect the component video accessory device to the TV?
How do I clean the TV screen?
My picture format keeps changing with different channels. How can I set a specific format?
Which is the best hook-up for the television in order to get the best picture.
My screen is stuck on demo mode. How can I remove it?
How can I display the volume bar on the screen?
How to get to the AV channels on the television to play my accessory device?
I cannot hear sound from my headphones. Is there something I am suppose to do in the TV menu?
How do I connect my audio equipment if it does not have digital audio input?
I cannot hear sound from the television when connecting to a DVI accessory device.
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