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How do I set up my speaker with Ethernet cable?


Before you begin, make sure Mac address filtering is not enabled on your router.
(This feature is usually not enabled in most routers. But if you have enabled Mac address filtering before and need to disable it, consult the user manual of the router.)

Check the current connection status of your speaker and follow the subsequent steps:

If the speaker has not been connected to any wireless network before: 
Connect the Ethernet cable into the speaker. Then the connection will be made automatically.

If the speaker is connected to an existing wireless network and you want to change to wired connection: 
Reset your speaker to factory settings via AirStudio App. Alternatively, follow the steps below to reset the speaker.

If the speaker was connected to a wireless network before, but it cannot get access to the network anymore: 
Follow the steps below to reset the speaker; and then set up the wired connection:

Resetting the speaker:

  1. Disconnect the speaker from power supply.
  2. Press and hold the Preset 1 button. DO NOT release the button. 
    Location of the button is illustrated below.

  3. Keep pressing and holding the Preset 1 button, at the same time connect the speaker to power supply. DO NOT release the button. 
    The LED light will first flash; then become solid amber, and then flash again. Keep pressing and holding the button until the LED light flashes for the second time

    Note: It would take around 30 seconds before the LED light flashes for the second time.
  4. When the LED light flashes for the second time, release the button.
  5. Wait for the LED light to become solid amber again. The speaker is now resumed to factory default settings.

Setting up a wired connection:

  1. Connect the Ethernet cable to the speaker. 
  2. The LED indication changes to white. 
    The Ethernet network connection is now established.

*Philips Wireless Hi-Fi speaker supports wired connection through Ethernet cable (only with DHCP network establishment). Before you proceed with this setup, ensure that your wired network supports DCHP network setup.

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