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My Philips Wireless Hi-Fi automatically switches to MP3-link input after wireless music streaming (or in DEMO mode). What can I do?


At demonstration mode, the speaker automatically switches to MP3-link input if the speaker has been without wireless music streaming for a period of longer than one minute.

Disabling the demonstration mode would prevent this situation. Instead of switching to MP3-link input, the speaker would switch to standby mode automatically.

To verify whether demonstration mode is on:

  1. Start AirStudio+ App on your iOS/Android device.
  2. Tap Services.
  3. If the speaker is at demonstration mode, “DEMO MODE IS ON” would be displayed next to the on/off icon.    

To enable or disable demonstration mode:

  1. Disconnect the speaker from power supply.
  2. Press and hold the Preset 4 button. DO NOT release the button.
    Location of the button is illustrated below.
  3. Keep pressing and holding the Preset 4 button, at the same time connect the speaker to power supply. DO NOT release the button.
  4. Continue to press and hold this button for another 5 seconds.
  5. Release the button.

An alternative method for disabling the demonstration mode is to reset the speaker.

* Demonstration mode is a newly added feature with firmware version 5.10S and later.

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