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What are region codes?


Region code is a code encoded on DVD or BD titles, allowing discs to be played only in certain designated geographical regions.

This is done through a region code encoded in the DVD title by the DVD manufacturer; and players sold in a given region cannot play discs encoded for another region.

This arrangement enables the control of when and which region the DVD titles are released; and protects copyrights. For example, a movie is shown in cinema in the US this summer; and the DVD title is released in the US (therefore coded as “Region1”) later in winter. But the same movie may be shown in cinema not until winter in Asia. Asian audience can see the movie in cinema only. With the DVD player coded to play discs for Asian region only (Region 3 and 6), they are not able to play the DVD title, which is coded Region 1.

For DVDs, the world is divided into 6 regions. (Region 1 to 6)

Similarly, there are region codes for Blu-ray discs. They are Region A, Region B and Region C.

If a region-coded disc is attempted to be played in a DVD player coded to play discs of a different region, an error message such as:

"Please eject the disc. Playback is not authorized in your region”
"Wrong Region”
"Region code error”

would be displayed. The disc could not be played by the player.

There is no way to change the region code of the player. Tampering the technical specification on the player would nullify the warranty of the product.

Therefore you are strongly advised to check the region code on the DVD or Blu-ray disc before you buy to ensure it can be played by your player. Make sure the region code on the DVD or blu-ray disc is the code listed on the player.

(See figure below for DVD and blu-ray disc packages showing region codes)

You can check region code of your player by referring to the label on the player. This label is located on the back or bottom of the player. (See figure below for region code shown on product label)

In case the player cannot play a disc of the correct region code:

Check whether it is only a particular disc is not playable, or several discs of the correct region code are not playable:

  • If only a particular disc is not playable, it can be of the issue of this disc. You may check with the disc manufacturer for more details.
  • If several disc of the correct region code are not playable, it is possible that the loader of the player is defective. Go to Philips Support Page and click Contact (on the top right corner) to contact your local support center for help.

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