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How can I remove the black bars on my TV when I am watching a movie on my DVP?


1. You have a wide screen 16:9 TV and there are still black bars on the top and the bottom of the screen. The picture format of the movie is not 16:9. Try the different picture format settings on your TV to minimize the black bars.

2. You have a 4:3 TV. You can remove the black bars but you will loose part of the picture at the left and the right side of your picture.

· Press setup on your remote control
· Press and go to the Video setup icon
· Press OK
· Go to TV DISPLAY / TV TYPE with the  button and press
· Go to 4:3 Pan Scan with the  button and press OK to confirm
· Press setup to leave the menu.

Note: the disc will be played back in pan scan format only if the format is available on the disc.

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