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How and when do I clean the exhaust filter?


Only a washable HEPA filter can be cleaned, all other filters needs to be replaced.

The exhaust filter is placed on top or on the back of the vacuum cleaner. As different types of exhaust filters are available, check which filter is present in your appliance.

Filter type                          How and when to clean

Washable HEPA  filter   

To identify if a washable filter is present, the word washable is written on the filter frame.

Clean the washable HEPA filter every 6 months. The washable HEPA filter can be cleaned 4 times. After 4 times, the filter has to be replaced.

Note: Cleaning does not restore the original color of the filter, but does restore its filtration power.



  1. Rinse the HEPA filter under a warm tap.
    Never clean the HEPA filter with a brush.
  2. Carefully shake the water from the surface of the HEPA filter.
  3. Let the HEPA filter dry completely before you place it back into the appliance.


Non washable HEPA filter 

This filter cannot be cleaned.

Replace the non-washable HEPA filter every 2 years.
AFS filter  

This filter cannot be cleaned.

Replace the AFS filter once a year.
Micro filter
This filter cannot be cleaned.

Replace the Micro filter once a year.



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