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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Garment steamer versus a Steam iron?


The advantages of a Garment Steamer over a Steam iron are highlighted below. 

Suitability of the product depends on usage and the types of clothes you have. Both devices are complimentary of each other.

Main positives:
- Easy to use
- Quick start-up (one setting for all garments)
- Speedy/Time efficient
- No need for an ironing board
Steamers can safely iron delicate garments
Steaming is good for hygiene

Steamer is not suitable for all materials, light fabrics mainly
Steamer is not as effective as an iron in removing deep wrinkles
Difficult to iron the edges of clothes
Hot steam is dangerous (care needs be taken when handling clothes)
Steamer can be noisy and may discharge steam with a bad smell
Risk of leakage (steam is more moist on a garment steamer compared with a steam iron)

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