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Can I connect an external device (such as a MP3 player) to the system?


Yes, you can connect an external device (such as a MP3 player) to the product. This allows you to play songs that are stored in the external device via the speaker of the product.

There are 2 options:

Option 1: Connect the external device via a 3.5mm AUX audio cable (not supplied)

Use MP3 link/ AUX IN connection for external devices which comes with 3.5mm headphone connector (such as a MP3 player, iPhone, iPad, iPod and notebook).

  1. Connect an AUX cable to the AUX IN connector (or MP3 connector in some models) on the product. 
  2. Connect the other end of the AUX cable to the headphone connector on your external device.  
  3. Start music playback on your external device.
    • If source selection is applicable on your product, choose MP3 Link or AUX IN as the source.)
    • Use the controls (track selection / play mode/ volume control etc.) on your external device.


  • If the volume of your external device is too low, the signal to be passed through may not be strong enough to be detected and therefore there may not be any sound output. In this case, increasing the volume on your external device resolves the issue.
  • AUX cable is available in electronics supply shop.

Option 2: Connect an external device via the USB jack on the system.

If the external device is a USB mass storage device, connect your external device to the system via the USB jack. Depending on the design of your external device, you may need a USB cable for connection.

Make sure:

  • File formats of the files in your USB device are supported by the product.
  • Files stored in your USB device are not with too many directory levels. Directory can nested up to a maximum of 8 levels in your USB device.
  • The file system of your USB device is supported by the product. Make sure your USB is formatted in the correct file system – suggest using more common file system such as FAT12, FAT16 & FAT32.
  • Your USB device is supported by the product.
    • Check if your USB device can be charged via the USB port of your PC. If your USB device needs a separate power adaptor for charging (usually for larger size external hard disc), it may not be supported by the system.
    • Connect your USB device to your PC and then double click the My Computer icon at the desktop on your PC, if the USB device appears in the PC as a disc drive, it may be supported by the system.

If the above does not help, contact Philips Consumer Care (Contact Page) for assistance.

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