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How to remove the AccuWeather screen at standby mode?


There is no direct method to turn off the AccuWeather screen. But it is possible to remove this screen by overwriting it with a screensaver. Below are the steps using a black screen as an example.

  1. Make sure your DLNA compatible device (for example a PC) is already connected in the same network as your wireless Hi-Fi system.
  2. Check whether this device can be found from the Media Library of the wireless Hi-Fi system.
    In the example below, the device “TG787” can be found inside the Media Library of the wireless Hi-Fi system.
  3. Download the zipped file from this webpage.  Unzip it to get the file “Test_01.jpg” . It is an image file of a black screen.
  4. Copy it to your DLNA compatible device.
  5. On the wireless Hi-Fi, select Media Library; and then select your DLNA compatible device (same as step 2 above).
  6. Go to [Pictures] -> [All Pictures].
  7. Choose the picture “Test_01.jpg”.
  8. On the remote control, press [OK]. 
  9. On the remote control, press [Setting].
  10. Go to [Display settings] -> [Screen saver] -> [Current picture].
  11. The screensaver is set. It overwrites the AccuWeather screen at standby mode.

The screensaver will disappear if:

  • The DLNA compatible device is powered off or losses connection from the wireless Hi-Fi.
  • The image file is deleted from the DLNA compatible device.
  • Another photo is played on your wireless Hi-Fi system.


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