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Application, 1.33 MB, Date published: 2004-07-20

ToUcamwebupdate 1.3 Read Me
(c) Copyright Philips Components
June 2002
Last update: 2002-06-28

- Introduction
- Installing your camera using ToUcamWebUpdate 1.3
- Known issues
- Frequently asked questions

The ToUcamwebupdate13.exe file is an upgrade tool for the PCVC720K, PCVC730K,
PCVC740K and PCVC750K Philips PC Cameras. You may use this tool if you encounter
problems with
- Windows 2000 protection after reinstallation
- Vcheck in languages different from GB
- general installation problems with Spanish Windows versions
- blocked or incorrect installation in Windows XP *) when using 1.0x CDROM
- missing Twain support
- blue still image with PCVC740K
- driver download problems with ToUcamWebUpdate 1.2
- missing 'RFGLounche.html' file when using ToUcamWebUpdate 1.2
- general stability
- functionality

It will upgrade tools from installation disks version 1.0x
It supports Windows 98(SE), Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP *)
It supports application installation in Windows XP *) from 1.0x CDROMs.

The tool will make connection with the Internet to download the latest Camera
drivers and tools.

*) PCVC720K/00, -/17, -/20 and -/90 is Plug & Play only for Windosw XP but is
NOT supported by ToUcamWebUpdate 1.3 for Windows XP! This means that if you
intend to use PCVC720K/00, -/17, -/20 or -/90 with Windows XP you just
have to plug in the camera without using your installation CDROM. Windows XP
will install the drivers to support the camera.

Installing your camera using ToUcamWebUpdate 1.3
To install the Philips PC Camera with the ToUcamWebUpdate 1.3 tool, please
act as following:
1. Click on ToUcamWebUpdate13.exe to start downloading.
2. Select "Save this program to disk".
3. Select "Desktop" for save location.
4. Install the camera using the installation disk supplied with the camera.
(not for Windows XP)
5. Run ToUcamWebUpdate13.exe by double clicking the file located on the
Desktop of your PC.
6. Press "Yes" to start the install program.
7. Select the camera type you are using and press "Next".

-- Windows XP only section ----------------------------------------------------

I The Application Installer is started. Press "Yes" if you want to install
the applications of your 1.0x CDROM and proceed with step II.
If you decide not to install applications then press "No" and proceed with
step 8.
II Insert your "Philips PC Camera Installation Disk" in the 1st CDROM drive of
your PC when you are asked to do so and wait until the "Select Application
installation" screen appears.
III Select preferred installation language and applications you want to install
and press the "Install" button.
IV The selected applications will be installed on your PC. You will be asked
to make selections and press several buttons to support the different
installshields of the applications. The following actions are required
(only valid if the applications are not installed before/presence of
applications is camera type dependent):
- Manual: no action required
- Reality Fusion Games: no action required
- Spotlife: "Next" "Finish"
- Ulead Photo Explorer 6.0: "select language" "OK" "Next" "Yes" "Next"
"Next" "Next" "Finish"
- Ulead Photo Express 2.0SE: "select language" "OK" "Next" "Yes" "Next"
"Next" "Next" "Next" "Finish"
***wait a few minutes ****
- VideoLinkMail: "Next" "Next" "Next" "Finish"
- Pagecam: no action required
- Digimarc: "Continue" "Accept" "Next" "Next" "Next" "Next" "Exit"
- Twain Interface: no action required
- Acrobat: "Next" "Next" "OK"
V Remove the installation CDROM and press "OK".

-- End Windows XP only section ------------------------------------------------

8. Vdownload will be started. Press "Next".
9. If you are not connected to the Internet you will be asked to connect to.
As soon as the internet connection has been established Vdownload checks
the availability of updated camera drivers and tools.
10. Select the Driverpackage and Toolspackage in the "Drivers" and "Camtools"
tab you want to update and press "Download".
11. Press "Yes" to accept the license agreement.
Now the selected software will be downloaded. This can last several minutes
depending on the speed of your internet connection.
12. Press "OK"
13. Vcheck will be started. Press "Start".
14. Plug in your camera when you are asked to do so.
Vcheck will install the camera and will do several checks. Press the
'Ready' button when Vcheck is finished.
15. Finally you are asked to reboot your PC. Press 'Reboot'.

Your camera has been installed now with the latest drivers and tools. These
tools have the latest capabilities in supporting online updating. It is
recommended not to install camera drivers from your 1.0x CDROM hereafter but to
use Vdownload to check the Internet for updated drivers.

It is recommended to always download the latest tools from internet using
Vdownload. Only after this download the installation can be finalised
completely and problems with not working links in the Start menu will be

Known issues
The application installer sometimes makes a long time-out (up to 10 minutes)
between the installation of the applications. Just be patient and wait until
the application installer proceeds (appears in Windows XP only).

Frequently asked questions

FAQ1: V-check is identifying my WIN XP system as Win 2000

Problem description:
When I install my camera (PCVC720K, PCVC730K, PCVC740K or PCVC750K) on a
Windows XP computer, V-check is identifying the system as Win 2000 and stops
the installation.

The problem is caused when a 1.0x CDROM (which is not Windows XP compatible) is
installed on a Windows XP machine (after the incompatibility message of the
system, which appears with PCVC720K, PCVC730K and PCVC740K, has been overruled).

In case of PCVC750K:
- Just run toucamwebupdate13.exe and follow the instructions

In case of PCVC720K, PCVC730K or PCVC740K:
1. Execute a Windows System Restore
(Start/All programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore)
2. Choose a restore point before the date of the 1st camera installation
attempt and restore the system. (If no restore point is available then
Windows XP has to be reinstalled)
3. Run toucamwebupdate13.exe and follow the instructions.

Is my ToUcam Plug and Play compatible in Windows XP?

The ToUcam PC Cameras The PCVC720K/00, -/17, -/20, -/90, PCVC730K, PCVC740K
and PCVC750K are Windows XP Plug and Play compatible. This means that
Windows XP will recognise the camera when it is plugged in and will install
the drivers automatically without the need of a separate installation CDROM.
The PCVC720K/40 can only be installed on Windows XP using the ToUcam XS 1.1x
installation CDROM or using the ToUcamWebUpdate 1.3.
The ToUcam XS 1.1x installation CDROM can not be used for installation of
PCVC720K/00, -/17, -/20 and -/90!!!!!!!!


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