Drivers Macintosh OS 9

Drivers Macintosh OS 9, English

hqx, 426.25 KB, Date published: 2004-07-20

=============================================================== Philips Cameras Mac driver 1.1 (c) Copyright Philips Components February 2002 =============================================================== Read me file for "Philips USB Cameras 1.1.hqx" file Introduction ------------ The "Philips USB Cameras 1.1.hqx" contains a MAC driver file update for the PCVC675K, PCVC680K, PCVC730K and PCVC740K Philips webcams. It upgrades the driver supplied with the Philips PC Camera Installation Disk PCVC675K/PCVC680K version 1.2 and Version 1.3 and the driver supplied with the PCVC730K and PCVC740K Installation Disk Version 1.0x. Compatibility ------------ This driver supports MacOS 8.6 till 9.x. Improvements ------------ * ToUcam Fun (PCVC730K/00-H and PCVC730K/17-H) mirrored picture problem solved. * Horizontal and vertical flip functionality added. * SGPanel added (enables the user to alter the camera properties) * General bug fixing. Installation ------------ 1. Download the "Philips USB Cameras 1.1.hqx" file to the desktop of your MAC machine. 2. Disconnect your Philips webcam from the USB socket. 3. Install the "Philips USB Cameras" system file by running the "Philips USB Cameras 1.1.hqx" file and save it in location "System folder/extensions" on the hard drive. 4. Reboot your MAC machine. 5. Reconnect your Philips webcam to the USB port of your MAC machine. =============================================================== If you have any questions or problems, please visit our web site for new or updated information. All brandnames and trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.