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How do I pair two speakers to make them work as stereo?


Before you begin, make sure both speakers are already paired with your Bluetooth device (such as a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone).

  • The speakers shown on the Bluetooth menu of the Bluetooth device should be indicated either as “connected” or “not connected” instead of “Not Paired” if the speakers are already paired with the Bluetooth device.


Follow the steps below to pair the two speakers:

  1. Switch on both speakers.
  2. Make sure the Smart Sensor of both speakers are switched on. If not, press the button indicated on the diagram twice to switch it on.
    Tip: check whether the Smart Sensor is switched on by swiping over it. It is on if there is an audio feedback when you swipe over it. 

  3. On your Bluetooth device, switch off the Bluetooth feature.
  4. Position the two speakers vertically, with the sensor on top (as shown in the diagram).

  5. For the speaker on the right, swipe your hand over the sensor from top to bottom
    You will hear a beep. 

  6. For the speaker on the left, swipe your hand over the sensor from bottom to the top.
    You will hear a beep.


When the two speakers are successfully paired, you will hear “Left speaker; right speaker”.


  • If you need to adjust the volume of the paired speakers, use the left speaker as the master one.
  • The two paired speakers can be placed apart with a maximum distance of 5 meters in-between. For optimal performance, do not place any object between the speakers. 

  • Once any of the speakers is switched off, or out of range, their paired status is lost.

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