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What should I do if the headphone does not produce any sound?


Make sure:

  • There is power supply for the transmitter.

  • The batteries in the headphone are inserted correctly and are charged.

  • The transmitter is properly connected to the audio source (such as TV, HiFi or PC). 

  • The audio source (such as TV, HiFi or PC) is not muted.
  • The audio signal for the transmitter is high enough. To increase the audio signal, slowly increase the volume level of the audio source (such as TV, HiFi or PC).
  • If the above does not help, try to switch to another transmission channel on transmitter
    Make sure the channel on the headphone is also switched. This can be done by: 
    • If the headphone is equipped with a manual tuning channel switch, switch to the correct transmission channel corresponds with the transmitter.
    • If the headphone is equipped with an AUTO-TUNING BUTTON, press and hold the button for about 1 second and the headphone will automatically tune to the correct transmission channel. 

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