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How do I correctly connect the headphones to my TV?


Unlike Hifi Stereo sets, some TVs are not equipped with standardized Headphone outputs. That makes it difficult to setup any wireless headphone system.

Set the headphone volume on your TV to an adequate fixed level (refer to user manual of the TV). On certain TVs, the output level of the headphone jack can only be adjusted through the on-screen menu.

You can also connect the device to the audio L+R cinch outputs of the TV. However, these outputs pass the audio signal at a fixed level that is usually too low. Therefore the audio signal may be of lesser quality with a higher level of background noise.

Make sure that the level of the incoming audio signal is high enough to switch on the base station of the headphones. 
The red power indicator on the base station must light up to verify the input signal, which may take a few seconds.

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