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What can I do when my original remote is not recognized (Add device process - Step 2)?


You can solve the problem by the following the instructions below:

Make sure the distance between your original remote and your Prestigo is between 10 and 30 cm. Point the original remote at the IR receiver on the front of your Prestigo (point at the glossy IR window).

Some devices (set-top boxes, satellite and cable receivers, TV’s, …) originally come with a universal remote control, that can control several devices. Make sure the remote control is in a mode or setting in which it controls the device (e.g. TV, DVD, …) you want to add.

It is possible that there is an interference of another source of infrared light.These are possible sources or Infrared Light (IR) that can cause interference and what to do about it:

• Direct sunlight or nearby strong light sources (plasma TV’s, fluorescent lamps, etc.) contain infrared waves. This can interfere with our application. Try to avoid having the Prestigo in direct sunlight. Switch off any fluorescent lamps or if you can not, move the Prestigo further away from them. Switch off your Plasma TV if you have it in the same room.

• IrDA (laptop, mobile phone, PDA): IrDA ports will periodically transmit infrared. This can interfere with our application. Put the Prestigo at the other side of the laptop or (even better) temporarily disable the IrDA port.

• IR from other remote controls, toys, wireless headphones: Make sure no one else is using infrared controlled devices in the same room while you are capturing data from your original remote control. 

If all above solutions provided do not solve the problem, please chat with us (at the upper right corner), call consumer support, or contact your retailer.


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