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Frequently asked questions

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Getting started
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Software and firmware
Can I add a PS3, WII to my devices list?
What can I do when my original remote is not recognized (Add device process - Step 2)?
Can I copy a button from my original remote control to a soft button?
How can I change device, activity or soft button names that do not fit in on the display of the Prestigo?
How can I power off all the devices that were used in an activity I’ve just started?
What If I don’t have a working original remote when adding a device (Add device process - Step 2)?
The Power button is not working for a device that was recognized in the Add device process (Step 2 of 2). What happened?
What can I do when the error "The operation cannot be completed because the item 'libURCPlugin_dionysus.dylib' is in use." is shown when I want to overwrite an earlier version of Configo in the Applications folder?
What can I do when the error "File exists" pops up when I am upgrading Configo?
How can I add an ‘Input' function to the soft button list on the LCD?
Can I modify the Power button functionality?
Can I add a Soundbar, Living Sound entertainment system to my devices list?
It takes a lot of time to start up all my devices when I start an activity. Can I shorten this?
How can I tell which devices are participating in an activity?
I am not able to download the TV channel logo in Configo for my favorite channel. What should I do?
What can I do when Configo crashes/freezes as soon as I connect the Prestigo?
Why do the device volume keys control the wrong device?
Can I change the volume controls for my activity?
Can I modify the behavior of the Input button of an activity?
Can I modify the behavior of the Power button in activity?
Can I add soft buttons to an activity?
Which functions are shown in the Input menu for an activity?
How to reset the Prestigo?