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Recharging and Recycling Batteries


Before First Using Your Sonicare
When you first get your Sonicare, a 2 minute brushing can be obtained after just 1 hour of charging time, so you may start using your Sonicare almost immediately. However, to ensure your Sonicare batteries are fully charged, it is recommended that you keep your Sonicare in the charger during the first few days of use.
Long-Term Charging
Because you cannot overcharge your Sonicare toothbrush, feel free to store your Sonicare toothbrush in the charger base, plugged in, when not in use for maximum battery life. However, your brush will retain a charge for approximately two weeks of normal use (that's two brushings a day, 2 minutes each) without charging. Also, the Sonicare batteries have no "memory", and don't require full discharge; you can recharge anytime.
Charger bases are available in different voltages for worldwide use.

Recycling the Batteries Healthy White uses Lithium Ion batteries. The batteries will last for many years of regular use. The Lithium Ion batteries inside your Healthy White toothbrush cannot be replaced. However, when they no longer function, they are easily removed for disposal, along with the handle. These Lithium Ion batteries do not contain heavy metals like Cadmium in NICD batteries, so they are much less hazardous to the environment. But they do need to be disposed of safely.
Do not throw away your brush with normal household waste at the end of its life. Instead, hand it over at an official collection point for recycling. By doing this we help preserve the environment. You can recycle the batteries yourself in accordance with your local recycling program. For questions regarding your local recycling centers, contact your local waste management office.
To dispose of the battery please follow these steps.

Removing the rechargeable battery.

CAUTION: Exercise caution when using any household tools (such as a screwdriver) to remove the battery.

  1. To remove the rechargeable Lithium Ion battery you’ll need a flat-head (standard) screwdriver. Observe basic safety precautions when you follow the procedure outlined below. Be sure to protect your eyes, hands, fingers and the surface on which you work.
  2. Deplete the rechargeable battery of any charge, remove the Healthy White handle from the charger base, turn on the brush and let it run until it stops. Repeat this step until you can no longer switch on the brush.
  3. Insert a screwdriver into the slot located at the bottom of the handle and turn counterclockwise to release the bottom cap.
  4. Hold the handle upside down, and push down on the shaft to release the internal components of the handle. 
  5. Insert the screwdriver under the circuit board, next to the battery connections, and twist to break the connections. Then remove the circuit board and pry the battery loose from the plastic carrier.
    The rechargeable battery can now be recycled and the rest of the product discarded appropriately.

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