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Where are the Vista drivers for this webcam?


There are no Vista drivers available for this product due to the product’s age.

There is a workaround to get the webcam to work under vista. Note: Philips does not take responsibility if the workaround does not function on your system.

1. Download the Windows XP drivers attached to this document named: "Philips_Toucam"

2. Connect the webcam to the computer. Windows will not find the camera drivers but it will install the webcam's microphone driver.

3. Browse to the folder where you downloaded the files to and extract the file called: "Philips_Toucam"

4. Click on the “Start” button on your computer and select the option “Computer”. Select "System Properties" at the top of the screen.

5. In the System properties screen on the left, select "Device Manager"

6. In the “Device Manager”, under “Sound, video and game controllers”, there should be a Philips ToUcam Microphone installed. There is also an “Unknown device” listed under “Other devices”.

7. Select the “Unknown device” with the right mouse button and select the option “Update Driver Software” from the menu that appears.

8. Select the option: "Browse my computer for driver software".

9. Click on the “Browse” button and navigate to the location or folder where the drivers are extracted. Click on the “Next”-button at the bottom to continue.

10. When a warning screen appears with the message that Windows can’t verify the publisher of the driver software the option “Install this driver anyway” needs to be selected.

11. The computer will now install the driver and if everything is ok will show a message saying the install was successful.

12. In the “Device Manager”, there will be no “Unknown device” anymore and under the section “Imaging devices” it should show the “Philips toUcam” without question marks or exclamation points.

13. Your webcam is now installed and usable in applications like MSN. There is no Philips camera software available for this device when used with Windows Vista. Windows Vista compatible 3rd party camera software is widely available.


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