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What can I do if the display freezes, or the player does not respond?


Try the following methods one by one until the problem is solved.

Method 1: Reset the player

  1. Insert a pen tip or other small object (such as a pin) gently into the reset hole. (You can feel a “click” once you successfully press on it).

  2. Switch on the player.

If the display still freezes, or the player still does not respond, proceed to the following.

Method 2: Repair the player 
Repairing erases all the files in the player and restores the player to factory settings. 

  1. Start Philips Songbird in the computer.
  2. Under the Tools menu, select “Repair my Philips Device”. 
  3. Select GoGear Connect 3(SA3CNT), click on Continue.
  4. The following pop-up box would appear. DO NOT close this pop-up box. 
  5. Power off the device. 
  6. Connect the USB cable to the device. 
  7. Press and hold the button on the device simultaneously when you are connecting the USB cable to the computer. Press and hold the button until Philips Songbird acknowledges the device and enters the Repair mode.

    When the repair process starts, the following pop-up box appears.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the repair process.
  9. When repair process is completed, disconnect the device from the computer.
  10. Switching on the device. 

If repairing via Philips Songbird does not work, charge the player for no less than 20 hours. By performing this, it can recover most of the unresponsive players.

If all of the above does not solve your issue, you may need to contact our customer service for help.  Visit Contact Page for contact details.

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