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Frequently asked questions

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Before you buy
Getting started
Use and Learn
Where can I read more about light therapy & the working of light?
Can I use the EnergyLight as an ordinary lamp, e.g. for reading?
Is the effectiveness of the EnergyLight medically proven?
When should I start to notice improvement from using the Energy Light?
Are there any side effects to using the EnergyLight?
Can I look directly at the lamp?
Can I simply replace all the lamps in my house with EnergyLight tubes?
Can I use the EnergyLight every day?
How long do the lamps last?
Has the EnergyLight been tested by independent test bodies?
Is it harmful to sit in front of a switched-on EnergyLight for a prolonged period of time?
Can I use the EnergyLight during pregnancy?
How intense is the light produced by the EnergyLight (in lux)?
What’s the best place to put the EnergyLight?
What is the difference between light from the EnergyLight and UV light?
The lamps flicker.
I have placed the EnergyLight on my desk at work. Do I need to take the EnergyLight home for the weekend to get good results from my light therapy?
When should I use the EnergyLight?
The lamps fail to go on.
Can I use the EnergyLight if I have eye problems?
Do I have to wear any sunscreen lotion?
Can I use the EnergyLight if I’m on medication?
When the appliance is switched on, the light intensity is very high for 2 seconds.
Can I use the EnergyLight if I have a skin allergy?
Can I use the EnergyLight if I’m allergic to light?
The lamps fail to go out at the end of a session.
The position of the screen cannot be adjusted or cannot be adjusted properly.
How does light work?