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Why are some AVCHD files not recognized for playback?


This unit cannot play back standalone AVCHD files (*.m2ts, *.mts or *.m2t) copied to a SD card / USB thumb drive or written to a disc. The storage medium containing AVCHD files must have a proper file and folder structure meeting AVCHD format specifications.

Please use AVCHD compliant device / software to burn or copy AVCHD files to the storage medium. Refer to user manuals of the device / software for more information and guidance.

Please click on the Wikimedia link below to get an idea of what a typical AVCHD file structure looks like:

It is recommended you format the memory card before using the camera or before you start to record any new videos. Make sure you have the movies backed up before you format the card or they will be deleted. Please refer to your camera's manual for the correct way to format the card.The players listed below can play AVCHD once the whole file structure has been copied to a USB drive or SD card:

HTS3106/F7 (SD Card)
BDP3306/F7 (SD Card)
HTS3306/F7 (SD Card)
BDP5110/F7 (SD Card)
BDP5320/F7 (SD Card)
BDP5506/F7 (USB Drive)
HTS5506/F7 (USB Drive)
HTS5580W (SD Card)
BDP7320/F7 (SD Card)
BDP7520/F7 (SD Card)
Note: If you are not able to play the video after the correct files have been copied you may need to format your memory card. Before you format the card  make sure to copy all the data off before you format it. Once the format is complete copy the files back to the card. Please refer to your camera manual on the correct way to format the card.


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