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Frequently asked questions

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How can I improve the picture quality of my TV?
How do I get picture and sound on the TV when I connect my Laptop or Notebook with an HDMI connection?
Why is the TV not able to recognize my USB device?
My set is dead and/or has no power, and/or the LED is flashing.
I have neither picture nor sound after connecting. What should I do?
Lines appear on the screen and over the TV menu.
What should I do if my TV is stuck in Retail mode?
How can I connect my Laptop or Personal Computer (PC) to the TV?
No picture appears on the screen when an accessory device is connected through the component video input cables.
Why do I only see AV or HDMI inputs when I press the channel up/down button on my remote.
Why will my Toshiba HD-DVD not show a picture when connected using HDMI?
Can I use a VGA-HDMI cable to connect my PC (VGA OUT) to my TV (HDMI IN)? How do I connect my PC to my TV?
How do I switch to the AV inputs on my television to watch an accessory device (DVD player, Game System, VCR...)?
Why doesn’t the picture fill the full screen when I use Automatic or Normal picture format? How does the picture look on my TV when I select Automatic or Normal picture format?
I have forgotten my PIN code. How can I reset it?
How to remove the info menu/OSD from the screen whenever the TV is turned on or while changing the channels?
Why does my HDTV take time to turn on?
How do I add TV channels that were not picked up during auto-programming?
How can I connect the audio to my TV when I connect an external device with a DVI to HDMI connection?
The picture is distorted (stretched out, short and fat, black bars on side or top, etc.). Is there something I can do to make it better?
How do I clean my TV screen?
How can I program my Philips remote to work with my order devices?
Can I program the TV remote control to control other accessory devices?
How to connect antenna / cable TV signal?
How can I make my JPEG images loop during playback?
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