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Frequently asked questions

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Getting started
Use and Learn
Does my TV support wireless internet (WiFi)?
How can I connect my Laptop or Personal Computer (PC) to the TV?
How can I view the encrypted/scrambled digital channels on my TV?
Can I connect a keyboard and/or mouse to the TV?
I set up an internet connection between my TV and my router, but it does not work. How do I fix this?
Do I need a special Philips antenna to receive digital terrestrial TV broadcastings,what kind of antenna should I use?
How do I connect my home theater system (HTS) or surround sound system (SSS) to the TV?
How do I clean the TV screen?
Why is the picture quality at home not as good as what I saw in the shop?
What can I do when my TV does not respond to the remote control?
My installation has worked before, but now I am unable to access to connect to my pc network.
How can I improve the sound quality of my TV?
My picture format keeps changing with different channels. How can I set a specific format?
Why can't I see the same folder hierarchy on my TV as on my PC ?
Do I need a virus scanner?
Can I choose a website myself?
The video and audio signals are out of sync when I connect my TV to a Home Theatre System.
I have neither picture nor sound after connecting. What should I do?
My TV turns on for a short period after I turn off the TV with the power button.
I have HDMI connectivity on my TV. Is it HDMI 1.3 compliant?
How can I select a 4:3 picture format?
A letter "F" appears in the right-hand corner of the screen and my TV does not respond to the remote control. What should I do?
How do I rearrange my TV channels?
Does Net TV work when I have connected a Set-Top Box?
What type of Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is available on my TV?
What does the message ‘Registering...’ that appears on starting up Net TV mean?
I have forgotten my 4-digit access code. How can I reset it?
No picture appears on the screen when an accessory device is connected through the component video input cables.
Does teletext work with a set-top box?
Does Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) work with a set-top box?
Can I add any Internet page to "my favorites"?
Why am I not able to store the picture and sound settings on my TV?
When I browse the open internet pages, a lot of the websites are not displayed correctly; websites with video content do not play the videos.
How to remove the channel identification, volume bar and mute icon from the screen?
Can I view services from other countries?
Can I change the order in which the Net TV favorites are listed?
Why am I not able to access the parental rating menu with my personal 4-digit access code?
When I press the NET TV button, I get the message "Philips server not found". Why?
I cannot hear sound from my headphones. Is there something I am supposed to do in the TV menu?
What can I do when one or more channels are missing?
How can I see if a service is safe?
How can I improve the picture quality of my TV?
How do I change the menu language if I do not understand it?
What to do when I have endless animations by pushing the NetTV button?
Where can I find additional information about my TV?
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