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Drivers Windows XP

Drivers Windows XP, Zip file, 9.24 MB, Date published: 2004-06-08

Step 1 of 6: Click on the red Download button and save (don't open) the zip-file to the Desktop
Step 2 of 6: Create a folder on the desktop with the name 'Upgrade'
(right-mouse-click on Desktop -> New -> Folder)
Step 3 of 6: Extract the content of the zip-file to the Desktop folder 'Upgrade'
(Extracting can be done with for instance Winzip)
Step 4 of 6: Open Explorer ('window button' + 'e') and go to the Desktop folder 'Upgrade'
Step 5 of 6: If available read the readme file which contains as short description
of the changes in the upgrade.
Step 6 of 6: Start the .exe-file by double clicking it to start the upgrade of your device.