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Philips digital widescreen flat TV 32PF7321D 32" LCD integrated digital with Pixel Plus

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Before you buy
Getting started
Use and Learn
How to connect your USB device directly or with an USB cable to the USB port on the side of your TV?
Which is the best hook-up for the television in order to get the best picture.
Short flickering lines appear on a blank screen before the picture and sound appears,each time when selecting in the AV menu , an accessory device playing back copy protected (HDCP) content
How do I clean the TV screen?
How do I connect the HDMI accessory device to the TV?
Can I program the TV remote control to control other accessory devices?
I have neither picture nor sound after connecting. What should I do?
How to view the contents/files stored in your USB device?
I have forgotten my PIN code. How can I reset it?
How do I connect the TV's audio output to the audio equipment?
What do I do if my set does not turn on?
The picture quality is good but the TV does not produce any sound when connected to an accessory device with an HDMI to HDMI cable.
My picture format keeps changing with different channels. How can I set a specific format?
How do I connect the DVI accessory device to the TV?
I am not able to see the volume bar displayed on the screen.
How do I connect a component video accessory device to the TV?
How do I connect my cable box using (RF) coaxial cable jack?
I cannot hear sound from the television when connecting to the AV1 input. What do I need to do?
How do I connect the video recorder and set-top box to the TV using coaxial cable?
My remote control does not work on the television and there is a letter F on the upper right hand corner of the screen.
How can I remove the channel display on the screen?
How do I set my PIN code for the first time?
Why can I not change my picture format in combination with High Definition signal?
I cannot hear sound from the television when connecting to a DVI accessory device.
My set is dead, has no power, and/or the LED is flashing.
Lines appear on the screen and over the TV menu.
Software and firmware