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Philips Avent Digital Steam Sterilizer SCF276/42 220-240V
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How do you de-scale the unit?


You can choose one of the two methods of de-scaling: 

1) Mix one sachet (10 gms) of citric acid with 200ml of water. Pour into the empty steriliser. Do not put lid on. Activate Mode 1 and leave for  1-2 minutes. Unplug and leave to stand for 30 minutes. Drain and rinse the inside of the steriliser. Then in Mode 1,  run a full sterilising cycle empty with the lid on, using exactly 90ml of water.  Drain and wipe dry.


2) Pour 100ml of white vinegar mixed with 200ml cold water into steriliser. Allow to stand in the unit until lime scale has dissolved – DO NOT SWITCH ON - Drain and rinse the inside of the steriliser thoroughly. Run a full cycle empty with lid on, using exactly 90ml of water.

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