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Philips Hard disk/DVD recorder DVDR3595H 250 GB


When I switch on my recorder, the display shows "STARTING" but nothing happens.


This issue is a caused by a bug in the software and can be resolved by upgrading your recorder with the latest software (V1.61). You can find the software and the installation instructions in the ¨Software & drivers¨ section of the support website.

Upgrade your recorder according to the following procedure:

1) Unplug the recorder from the mains.

2) Download the .zip file from the website

3) Unpack the .zip file and copy the content to an empty CD-R/CD-RW disc.

4) Press and hold the REC and NEXT (>>|) keys on the front panel while you reconnect the recorder to the mains. -  The message "Download¨ will appear on the recorder´s display.

5) After a while, the tray will be ejected and your recorder displays the message  "Put disc".

6) Place the download disc on the tray and push in the tray. - Your recorder will now start the upgrade process, which will take around 10 minutes.

7) After the download is completed, the disc tray will eject automatically. Remove the disc and push back the tray. 

8) When you see the message  "DONE" on your recorder´s display, switch off and restar your recorder in order to complete the upgrade.

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