How to prevent irritation


  • Always shave in the morning when your skin is properly rested. Make sure your skin is properly clean and dry. 
  • Wet your skin. Wetting your skin by washing your face or taking a shower softens the stubble and makes it easier to shave. 
  • Do not shave shortly before exercising. Perspiration may cause irritation on a freshly shaved skin.
  • Start shaving the most sensitive areas. The shaving heads heat up during shaving. Cold shaving heads cause the least irritation. 
  • Experiment with the amount of conditioner: too little may cause skin irritation and too much may mean that it takes longer to shave, which may also cause skin irritation. 
  • When you are using foam: rinse the shaver under the tap regularly to ensure that it continues to glide smoothly over your skin. 
  • Make circular movements across the skin with the shaver and do not exert too much pressure 
  • Move the shaver against the direction of hair growth and regularly check with your hand or by looking in the mirror if all stubble has been removed. Do not pass the shaver too often over the same spot. 
  • Apply a lotion or aftershave with little or no alcohol to the skin after shaving.
  • Clean the shaver properly after every shave. Make sure you rinse all foam or shaving gel off the shaver.
  • Replace the shaving heads regularly: the sharper the blades, the smaller the risk of skin irritation.

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