How do I play video from a USB memory device or a USB card reader?


  1. Connect the USB device to the USB connector. If the USB connector is the wrong size, use a USB extension cable.

        When the player detects the USB device, it displays a message on TV for a few seconds.

  1. Press DISC/USB on the remote control. You see a list of your USB files on TV.
  2. Press the navigation buttons to select a file, and then press OK to play it. You can press DISC/USB on the remote control at any time to return to disc mode.

        When you are finished:

      • Press  to stop playing from the USB device, or press DISC/USB to switch to disc mode.
      • Disconnect the USB device.

        If you have problems, make sure that:

      • The USB device is working.
        Connect it to your PC to see if it works.
      • The files you want to play are in a supported format and are not corrupt.
        Try to play them on your PC.

      • The USB device complies with the Mass Storage Class protocol.
        This protocol enables devices of different brands and models to communicate with each other.

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