What is EasyLink and what are the HDMI CEC features available on this set?


EasyLink feature enables HDMI CEC compliant devices to control each other with a single remote control. It is only available if you have connected this unit to HDMI CEC compliant TV or device with HDMI cable.

HDMI CEC Features supported:

1) One touch Play

Press Standby/Power button. 

      • It turns on this unit and start disc play. 
      • Your TV automatically turns on and switches to the correct video channel

- To enable one touch play function, a video disc must be placed in the disc compartment before operation.

2) Auto Wake Up TV

Press STANDBY button to turn on (both your TV and this unit) and start video disc play (if a video disc is found in the disc tray). Your TV automatically switches to the correct video channel.

3) System Standby

Press STANDBY/POWER button to turn off this unit and all the HDMI CEC compliant devices.

Important Note:

    • Your TV and other connected devices must be compliant with HDMI CEC. 
    • You must Turn ON the HDMI CEC operations on your TV/devices before you can enjoy the EasyLink controls. See your TVs/devices manual for details. 
    • Philips does NOT guarantee 100% interoperability with all HDMI CEC compliant devices.

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