About the sanitizer


The sanitizer helps eliminate common oral and household bacteria from the brush head. It is designed to work only with the ProResults brush heads. Sonicare sells a larger sanitizer that accommodates Elite brush heads, as well as the brush heads from many other power toothbrushes.

If the sanitizer doesn't work, first make sure that the unit is plugged in. Make sure the door is completely closed, with the latch engaged.

If the "UV Clean" light is flashing very quickly, this indicates that the UV light bulb is burned out or broken. If the small metal post on the door is missing, or if the sanitizer still does not work, please contact your local customer care center.

The sanitizer takes a while to cool down. It will take more than one hour for the inside of the sanitizer to reach room temperature. However, all internal parts are safe to remove immediately after the sanitization cycle is completed, as long as you do not remove the protective light bulb screen.

The current running through the UV light bulb is independent of the charger, so you can run the sanitizer without affecting the charging power.

Frequency of sanitization is at the user’s discretion, but it can be done as often as you brush.

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