What are all the attachments for?


Precision Comb This can be attached to the Precision Trimmer to shorten the hairs in the bikini line (area) to a certain length according to the length settings described.
Use the precision trimmer with the precision comb to trim your bikini line.
• Put the precision trimmer on the appliance by sliding it into the guiding grooves on both sides of the appliance
• Press the setting selector and slide the comb upward or downward to set the desired setting
• Move the precision trimmer with the precision comb slowly through the hair
• Take care that the comb teeth always have smooth contact with your skin to guarantee best results.
Regularly remove cut hair from the comb.

Precision Trimmer
This head is suitable for contouring your bikini line. Please note that you will not achieve smooth results but will still see stubble left to obtain an optimum contour. To achieve smooth results, please use the Micro Shaver.

Micro Shaver The micro shaver may only be used if you have very short stubble (0.5 mm) or if you have already used the precision trimmer.

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