My Rhapsody songs fail to download to the player, what do I do?


  • Internet connection issue - Check if your PC is connected to the Internet.
  • Rhapsody authorization issue - Check if your player is authorized for Rhapsody. Your player needs to be authorized before before you transfer music.
    1. Launch Rhapsody on your PC with active Internet connection.
    2. Right click on the player to see the sub-menu.
    3. Click Yes to authorize the player for Rhapsody.
  • Secure Clock issue - Check the Device Compatibility Report to see if the Device Secure Clock requires a reset.
    We provide 2 options for you to reset the secure clock.

    Option 1:
    1. Launch Rhapsody on your PC with active Internet connection.
    2. Select Tools --> Device Compatibility Report.
    3. Click Reset Secure Clock and then click OK to confirm. The Secure Clock is reset now.

              Option 2:

    1. Connect your player to your PC and then launch Rhapsody.
    2. In the main screen, locate the player name.
    3. Simultaneously press and hold Ctrl and Shift button on the keyboard of your PC, then right click on the player name.
    4. From the popup menu, select Reset Secure Clock.
  • MTP issue with PC
    Caution: Only for Windows XP & 2000. (Do not perform this procedure on a computer that runs Windows 98 or Windows ME.)
    1. Open My Computer. Make sure you have exited all applications and disconnected all USB devices from your PC.
    2. Open the drive letter where you have Rhapsody installed (usually drive C : )
    3. Select Program Files --> Rhapsody.
    4. Locate and double click on the file Update Windows Components. A command window opens.
    5. Answer all questions with Yes, then press the ENTER button on the keyboard of your PC.
    6. When you see the below page, click the Upgrade button.
    7. When the process is finished, select My Account and verify that your PC is authorized.
      • The sub-menu option Deauthorize Computer indicates that the computer is authorized.
      • The sub-menu option Authorize Computer indicates that the computer is not authorized; click Authorize Computer to authorize the computer.

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