How do I transfer audio and video files to my player using Philips Songbird?


To transfer files from a computer to the player using Philips Songbird, first import the files into Songbird Library (Part A below). Then transfer the files to the player (Part B below).

If the files are already in the Library of Songbird, you can directly transfer the files to the player using Songbird (ie, proceed to Part B directly).

(A).    Importing media files from computer into Songbird Library

  1. Start Songbird.
  2. Click "File" in the toolbar and select "Import Media...". 

  3. Choose the folder that stored your media files in the computer. Click “OK”. 

  4. A status bar would appear to show the importing status of files to the Songbird Library.

  5. When the import is completed, the files are visible under “Music” (if the files are audio files) or “Video” (if the files are video files) in the Library.

(B).    Transferring the media files to the player

  1. Connect the player to the computer.
  2. In the Songbird window, click “Music” under “Library” (If you are transferring video files, click “Video”).
  3. Click to select the media file that you want to transfer. (To select more than one file, press and hold the Ctrl button on the keyboard while clicking).
  4. Right Click to display a drop list. Select "Add to Device" and "(Your player model)". The transfer of file(s) starts.

  5. The circle in front of the device name rotates when the file is being transferred to the player. When it stops rotating, the transfer is completed.

  6. To verify whether the file is successfully transferred, click “Music” under your device. (If a video file is transferred, click "Video”). 

Note: For optimal functioning of Philips Songbird, make sure Quick Time (latest version) and Windows Media Player 11 (or later)  are installed before installation of Philips Songbird.

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