How do I upload my videos to YouTube?


  1. Run the Songbird software on your computer.
  2. Select the File --> Import Media and the Browse for Folder screen will pop up. Select your videos on your computer and import them to the Songbird software library.
  3. In order to upload your video files, move your mouse pointer to the and select Drag files to logo to upload. This is located at the bottom panel of the software interface.
  4. You can simply drag your video files from either the video library of your Songbird OR the video library of your player (see below) to the icon.
  5. You can now simply drag your video files from the video library of your Songbird to the icon.
  6. When your video files are dragged to the icon, the bottom panel will be enlarged. It will display all the details of the upload setting, the location to preview your file, the method for setting your title and description, and the method for setting your category and privacy.
    • You can press the Clear All button anytime to cancel all uploading files OR press the Close button next to the uploading file for the particular file.
  7. Press the Upload All buttonto upload all your video files to YouTube. If you are not logged in to YouTube, a pop-up message will ask you to input your login user name and Password.
  8. When you are logged in, an Upload all message will pop-up. Press the OK button to confirm uploading all the selected videos. The Upload Manager will display the uploading status to YouTube.
  9. When the uploading is complete, you can see your video on YouTube (see below).
  10. The Songbird internet browser opens the tab and shows your uploaded video on YouTube website. 

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