How can I transfer and play a Philips Songbird playlist on my player?


Follow the steps below: 

(A) Setting the player to MTP mode:

1. Select “Settings” in the main menu.
2. Select “PC connection preference”.
3. Select “MTP”.

It is essential to set the player to MTP mode before transferring any playlist. Otherwise, songs in the playlist will be transferred to your player without being grouped as a playlist.

(B) Transferring the playlist in Songbird to the player

1. Connect the player to PC using a USB cable.
2. Launch Songbird.
3. In the Songbird window, drag and drop the playlist to your device. (Depending on the size of the playlist, the transfer would take a few seconds to a few minutes)

4. After the transfer is finished, check whether the playlist is under your player. If not, repeat the above step.

5. In the Songbird window, right-click the player and choose “Eject”.
6. Disconnect the player from PC.

(C) Playing the playlist with the player

1. On the player, select “Music” on the main menu.
2. Select “Playlists” on the Music menu. The playlists are displayed.
3. Select the playlist to play.

Note: The playlist file is only a list. It does not contain the song files. Therefore, make sure the song files are also transferred to Philips Songbird if you want to play the songs with the player.

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