How to use Philips Songbird to repair the player?


  1. Make sure the PC is connected to the internet.
  2. Start Philips Songbird in the computer.
  3. Under the Tools menu, select “Repair my Philips Device”. 

    Choose your device on the pop-up box and follow the instructions on the screen to perform the repair process. Below shows an example for illustration. 
    CAUTION: Choosing the wrong device in the pop-up box may cause corruption to your player.    


  • The above steps are applicable for the models compatible with Philips Songbird only. If your model cannot be found under the list of ‘Repair my device’, you model may not be compatible with Philips Songbird. Please use the compatible software tool (e.g. Device manager) to repair your device.
  • Performing a repair the last diagnostic steps that can be done to rectify the malfunction of your player.
  • If this does not solve your issue, click Contact Page to contact Philips customer service.  

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