Why do I have to shake the food during the air frying process?


If there is more than one layer of ingredients in the basket or many ingredients touch each other (for example fries, snacks), shaking halfway through the process is necessary to produce an even result. Fragile food should not be air fried in more than one layer, as shaking will damage it.

If you do not shake the food, the hot air cannot reach the areas where the ingredients touch each other. The food in the basket will be cooked, but some areas will not get crispy. Shaking your food will make it more evenly colored and crispier all over. When you shake the basket, you can also check on the color of the ingredients.

To shake the ingredients, pull the pan out of the appliance by the handle and shake it. Make sure your fries are mixed well during shaking - lower layers should move to the top and vice versa - in order to achieve even results.
Caution: Do not press the basket release button during shaking!


Note: You only have to shake small ingredients once. Shaking more often does not have a negative effect on the end result.

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