Where can I find FAQs for Philips Wi-Fi Media Connect? Where do I download Philips Wi-Fi Media Connect software for my PC?


FAQs for Philips Wi-Fi Media Connect:

Note: Even though the FAQs for Philips Wi-Fi MediaConnect are listed under the Philips Wi-Fi dongle PTA01/00, you DO NOT need any additional hardware accessory device other than the Wireless Dongle which came with your unit to use Philips Wi-Fi MediaConnect; MediaConnect is a software feature built in to your unit's firmware.

All you need is the Wi-Fi MediaConnect software installed on your PC, a Philips Wi-Fi Media Connect capable HDTV, Blu-ray player or Blu-ray HTiB and both your Philips device and PC must be on the same Home Network (i.e. connected to the same router).

You can also use Wi-Fi Media Connect with a wired Ethernet connection (Philips to Router and/or PC to Router); it does not have to be Wi-Fi.

Download Philips Wi-Fi Media Connect from: 

Note: You will need the 12 digit code printed on a white sticker in the vicinity of the the Serial Number sticker and/or user manual of your product to download Philips Wi-Fi Media Connect for FREE.

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