When should I replace the shaving unit and how should this be done?


It is recommended that you replace your shaving foil and cutters once a year. Also replace the shaving foil when the shaving performance seems to get worse (even though your appliance is fully charged) or if you experience more skin irritation than usual.

If the shaving foil and cutters are worn or damaged, do not continue using the appliance. Replace the shaving foil and cutters immediately.

A worn or damaged shaving foil or cutters should only be replaced with an original Philips shaving foil, model QC5500.

The foil is a precision part. Handle with care.

  1. Turn off the appliance and disconnect it from the electrical outlet. 
  2. Press the release buttons (1) on the shaving head and remove the shaving foil (2) from the shaving head. [1]
  3. Remove the retaining frame from the old shaving foil. [2]
  4. Place the retaining frame on the new shaving foil [3]
  5. Remove the old shaving cutters. [4]
  6. Place the new cutters on the shaving head. You will hear a 'click' [5]
  7. Press the shaving foil back into the shaving head. [6]

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