How can I switch between combs?


Be certain the clipper is in the OFF position.

  1. Select the comb attachment depending on the desired hair length. In the attached file you can find the settings and remaining hair lengths. The remaining hair length is also indicated on each comb.
  2. Slide the selected comb into the guiding grooves on both sides of the Clipper swivel head and push until you hear it click' into place (fig. 1). Make sure the comb attachment locks properly into position. 
  3. Turn the Hair Length Setting Adjustment Ring to set the comb to the desired setting (fig. 2). Do not turn the length setting adjustment ring beyond the highest hair length setting. 
  4. The arrowhead on the Clipper indicates which setting has been selected.

When you are clipping for the first time, start at the maximum clipping length setting (#5) of the regular comb to familiarize yourself with
the appliance and prevent accidentally trimming hairs too short. As you become familiar with the settings, adjust the Hair Length Selector to desired trimming length.



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