Why the milk is not enough frothed?


Make sure that the carafe is clean before using it and if the quality of milk frothing is not good enough.

 (It is recommended to perform this cleaning every time the milk carafe is removed from the machine, when the milk system does not work properly or has milk deposits on it).

- Remove the Cappucinatore (image 1 and the reference 1 in image 2)

Image 1                                                         Image 2

- Open (image 3) and rinse the integrated Cappuccinatore under running water .

Image 3

- Remove any milk residues from the internal gasket (image 4)

Image 4

- The carafe coupling (image 5 and reference 2 in image 2) should not be covered with milk residues. Clean it with an abrasive damp cloth.

Image 5

- Perform also the automatic cleaning cycle after each time of dispensing milk beverage / beverages. First remove the milk carafe from the machine. Turn the main knob to the right as for hot water dispensing: the image "CLEAN+” will appear on display. Place a container under the dispensing spout and push the upper link button to start the cleaning operation. Then, bring the knob back to the central position to allow other functions (image6)

Image 6

It is also recommended to rinse the jug regularly with water and periodically with Saeco Cleaning Powder that cleans up all the milk ducts leading to improved results in the milk products.


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