What can I do if my router will not assign an IP address for my TV?


What can I do if my router will not assign an IP address for my TV?

If your router will not assign an IP address automatically to your TV, you can connect the TV manually to the router by setting a static IP address. Please follow the steps below.

1. You will need your network’s Default Gateway, IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Primary and Secondary DNS.

2. You can get this information by running ipconfig /all from the cmd window. Click on Start from the taskbar and select Run. Then enter CMD and click OK.

3. Type ipconfig /all and hit Enter.

4. Windows Vista/7 will look like this:

5. Windows XP will look like this:

Note: Write down these numbers, you will use them later. You may need to scroll up in the window to see the infomation.

6. Press Menu on the remote and select Setup and press OK.

7. Select Installation, then Network and press OK.

8. Select IP configuration and press OK.

9. Select IP setting mode and press OK. Select Manual and press OK.

10. Select IP address and press OK. Enter an IP address that is toward the end of the range. The image is only an example. DO NOT ENTER THESE NUMBERS

Note: For example if your IP address was then enter The TV will not work above .254. Always try .222 first and if that doesn’t work go lower. Make sure to keep the first part of the IP address the same as the Default Gateway i.e. 192.168.1.### or whatever your Default Gateway is. 

11. Select each of the remaining fields and enter the information recorded from step 4 or 5: Subnet mask, Default gateway, Primary DNS, and Secondary DNS.  Make sure to use the complete address that were given from the computer.
Note: If there is only one DNS listed enter that same number into both Primary and Secondary DNS spots.

12. Once the manual IP address is entered select Connection test from the Network sub menu. It should pass. If it does not repeat the steps above with a different IP address, try ###.###.#.123

13. Example of a completed manual setup. DO NOT USE THESE NUMBERS TO SETUP YOUR UNIT.

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