I cannot connect my Philips product to my network?


Many things can keep your device from accessing the network.
Listed below are some troubleshooting steps to take if you connected to the network?
1. Complete a Wireless Network Reset on the Philips product. Please consult the user manual for directions.

2. Verify you are using the correct network name and password. This is the same password you would use to connect a new computer to your wireless network. If you do not know the network name or password please contact your router manufacture or view this FAQ for step-by-step directions.
3. Power cycle your router, modem, and Philips device by completing these steps:
Unplug the Philips product from its power source. Unplug both the cable or dsl modem and router from their power source. Wait a few minutes. Plug in the modem and wait until the lights on the cable modem stop blinking. This could take up to a minute. When the cable or dsl modem lights are steady, plug the router back in. Again, wait until the lights stop blinking. Plug back in the power cord on the Philips product. Now attempt to connect the Philips product to the network.

Please see the user guide on how to connect to the network.

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