How to rip a CD using Philips Songbird?


When a CD is ripped, the audio files such as voice recording and music are copied into the memory of the computer.

Follow the steps below to rip a CD:

  1. Launch Philips Songbird in the computer.
  2. Insert the CD into the CD drive of the computer.
  3. Wait for a while for the computer to detect the CD.
  4. Once the CD is detected by the software, the name of the CD would appear under the “Device” on the left part of the Philips Songbird screen. 

  5. Click on the name of the CD.

  6. Click on Rip CD to rip all songs in the CD.
    - If you want to rip only some songs, choose the songs by selecting / deselecting the boxes under the Rip column before clicking on Rip CD.

  7. Depending on the number of songs, CD Rip settings and the speed of the CD drive, the ripping process would take some time.

    The ripping progress is symbolised by the status bar of each song. A successfully ripped song is symbolized by a tick. 

    Note: Do not eject the CD during ripping. 

  8. When the CD is successfully ripped, the message “CD successfully ripped” appears. 

  9. Click on Music under Library to double check that the songs are now in the Music Library. 

  10. Eject the CD.

Make sure you are authorized to rip the CD. Unauthorized duplication of any recordings whether downloaded from the Internet or made from audio CDs is a violation of copyright laws and international treaties.

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