Is this antenna suitable for my situation?


Does this DTV antenna offer Digital TV reception?  

- You need a Sat Box/DTV converter to receive digital (HD)TV channels; check with your DTV provider
- Any antenna receives a specific frequency spectrum, offering all available signals

Check the DTV coverage in your area

- Find information on your domestic DTV website
- Check how many stations you can expect
- Does it cover your exact location?

Do you need an indoor or outdoor antenna?

- This depends on the distance to the DTV transmitter; check with your DTV provider
- Indoor antennas will only work if your are relatively close to a TV transmitter
- Check with neighbors

Where should the antenna be positioned?

- The antenna musthave an unobstructed free view, facing the direction of the DTV transmitter
- Same for indoor antennas, which additionally must be placed near a window - Check with neighbors


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