Can I change the color setting of my monitor?


Ans.: Yes, you can change your color setting through the OSD control by using the following procedures:

  • Press "OK" to show the OSD (On Screen Display) menu
  • Press the down arrow to select the "Color" option, then press "OK" to enter the color setting. There are three settings, as detailed below.
    1. Color Temperature: The two settings are 6500K and 9300K. With settings in the 6500K range, the panel appears "warm, with a red-white color tone," while a 9300K temperature gives off a "cool,
    blue-white tone."

 2. sRGB: This is a standard setting to ensure the correct exchange of colors between different devices (e.g. digital cameras, monitors, printers, scanners etc)

 3. User Defined: The user can choose his/her preferred color setting by adjusting the red, green and blue color.

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